Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sarah Palin: Embarrassment

Sherry and I were having a discussion late last week about the upcoming election. The conversation focused on the opinion that it will be an embarrassment to the nation of Palin is elected. The little sidewalk chat we were having generally revolved around how mendacious and sinister a pick for the VP / P she is and how her selection for this role, especially if elected, is indicative of so much that is wrong with the contemporary US within which we live. Then, what do you know, one of my favorite reporters / writers / journalists goes and writes nearly everything I was thinking far better than I was able to articulate the concept myself:
In the latest (Oct. 2) issue of Rolling Stone, on sale now but not yet available online, writer Matt Taibbi calls out the American electorate in a major new piece called 'The Lies of Sarah Palin.' A snippet:

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  1. I need to vent: I was walking down the street yesterday, and I saw this very effeminate, slim, mid-twenties man walking down the street in front of me. He had a sort of hipster/yuppie thing going on - nothing unusual for downtown chicago, and he was carrying a messenger bag. And then I saw it. He had two pins on his bag, one was for Hilary, and the other, for Palin. I have never been so tempted to engage in some type of inappropriate yelling, kicking or general ejaculation of hatred. I seriously contemplated approaching him, and perhaps asking what he saw in common between the two (other than gender) or if maybe (I hope) it was a big joke. I also wondered if I could cough a loog and hit palin directly in between the eyes - but that seemed risky. Maybe I could trip and rip the palin pin off on the way down?

    In the end I walked away seething.


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