Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Developing: New Blog Hacked!

CHICAGO -- A new Blog, "No, You're Hyperbolic," founded by left-leaning evolutionary biologist and trader Jumco, and nominally dedicated to providing a forum for "precise" and moderate conversation regarding topics too frequently discussed in shrill tones and hyperbolic excess elsewhere in the Blogosphere, has been hacked within the last 12 hours by someone impersonating the esteemed contributor ROGA, and who has posted a diary about how Republican greed and cronyism will cause the end of days and frustrate the future good works of Mr. Obama (blessed be he) to bring everlasting peace, equality, and prosperity to all the Milky Way galaxy.  Jumco was not immediately available for comment.  


  1. "Peace be upon him" is unnecessary, possibly racist, and at the bare minimum distasteful. Please change this or I will delete the post, it does not represent the spirit of this blog.

  2. Also, I'm not sure which hyperbolic posts you are referring to, as you have not stated, but my guess is that you are referring to Roga's post "the point is" which I called out as unlikely and unnecessary calls to arms in the comments.

    Maybe you should be more careful. /snark

  3. How can "peace be upon him" be racist? It is a religious expression and has nothing to do with race. At your urging, rather than deleting it, I changed it to the Jewish version. Now, still racist?

  4. The reason it was potentially racist was because it insinuated that Barack Obama was of the Muslim faith or of an Arabic speaking ethnicity; neither of which is true. Whenever one knowingly miscasts a persons faith or heritage, the action dances on the lines of racism. He identifies as (not that this is any better) a Christian and Kenya is not an Arab nation.

  5. Free speech means discrediting falsehood, not eliminating it.

  6. A few tips to help bloggers stay hack free.

    #1 Backup your database once a week, or get a script to email it to you automatically.

    #2 Keep your blog software up-to-date.

    #3 Use stronger password, 2 uppercase, 2 lowercase, 2 numbers, 2 special characters should do it.

    Spending a few minutes a week doing this can save a lot of trouble from hackers in the long run.

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