Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For those who prefer email, it is possible to have this blog come to your email box, and it is possible to post and reply via email. A step by step guide on how to do these things is provided by Blogger, here.


  1. What th' ....

    Do you know how flippin' much time I have spent figuring out how to do this? And nearly forgetting my password?

    What was that regal "no" to (I think it was) Ryan's respectful request --you could virtually see him tugging his forelock in deference-- to do just what you now invite us to do?

    And who are you, anyway? What does "Jumco" really mean? Is this an acronym?

    You're not such a great speller, you know! And I bet you're ugly, too!

    And now that we're at it, what do you mean by "No, you're hyperbolic?" Do you mean, "no, you (not I) are the one who is hyperbolic?" Or do you mean that "no, you're hyperbolic rather than parabolic or asymptotic?" Or are you referring to the Hyperboles, those Greek cousins of the Furies, who were always showing up too late to get included properly in the myths? Or is "No" a person, like a Japanese prime minister?

    Or are you using "hyperbolic" as metaphor, as a relative of "convoluted," or did you just (again) mis-spell, going for "hyperbaric" and arcing below the x-axis?

    Whatever, you've gotta lotta nerve!

    I'll "administer" you!

  2. I thought you would be happy about this, it's exactly what you've been asking for. The 'no' was directed at Roga, as per the request to maintain the email threads and the blog. That was not an option. The title would be more linguistically meaningful if it were "No, you are the person utilizing hyperbolic speech, not I," but that doesn't make for such a great title.

    And quite frankly, if we're going to be mean about it, I could make you an admin if you'd like, but quite frankly, you've demonstrated some troubles with this relatively simple technology. /snark (and just mean, not really meant snark)

  3. Of course I've demonstrated some trouble with this technology! I'm a Gutenberg man!
    Is "snark" the written correlative of a sort of derisive snort?
    And, please, please do not adopt the Lyndon Johnson approach of preferring to have me inside the tent pissing out, rather than outside the tent pissing in --don't make me "admin!"


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