Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Cato Conflict

Let me just point out that Commentary was edited by Norman Podhoretz for 35 years.

During that time he was a profligate discounter upon civic discourse as he frequently compared various situations of assorted danger or perceived danger to the Jewish Holocaust and Munich 1938, thereby making him in the running for an all-time Godwin's Award, if there was one. Certainly not the bedrock of sober and careful speech.

Podhoretz, via the magazine and other media used extraordinarily hyperbolic speech such as World War IV (he even wrote a book with this term in the title), and coined the term "Islamofascism" without ever defining it. I hope this adds just a touch of perspective and evidence of my familiarity with the magazine.

That being said, my comment about the magazine was a joke, in reference to Cato's funny, witty, and successful attempt at mocking me by threatening to purchase me (a left-leaning progressive) a subscription to Commentary and a seat at the Federalist Society Dinner in a private email chain.

It is sad that he could not see the humor in my wholly unrelated post about utilizing HTML tags and I am sad to see him go from this blog. Cato added value, insight, and perspective. He is welcome back if he so chooses.

Yours truly,



  1. I'm sure it is... but I don't understand why Justin has removed him (or if he has removed himself, why he has done so).

    Which one is it? Has Justin gotten drunk with blog administrative power or has Jeff recused (sp) himself from the blog?

  2. I vote to bring Cato back. (is this a totalitarian blog, a republican one, a democratic one, or perhaps some other form of human self governmental organizational relationship)

  3. Cato has unfortunately removed himself. Read the this very post to the end, he is always invited back, and we look forward to his return.


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