Saturday, September 27, 2008

Building a List of Questions for the VP Debate

Gender Issues:
Gov. Palin, while you were mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2002, your police staff was charging for rape kits. This threatened Alaska's federal grants as per a provision in Mr. Biden's 1994 Violence Against Women Act. In order to maintain their grant money, the state of Alaska's legislature passed Alaska's HB270, a bill in 2000 to stop this practice that threatened the state's financial well-being. Why did you charge for the kits, and why did this have to get to the state-level for you to stop the practice?
Credit / Economic Issues:
Sen. Biden, at a time of increasing hardships and an excess of consumer credit, why were you one of the few Democrats to side with credit card companies when they were (successfully, with your help) trying to make it more difficult for ordinary Americans but not businesses to declare bankruptcy in the Bankruptcy Abuse Act of 2005? Do you continue to support your 2005 position on this matter? Why or why not?
Foreign Affairs:
Both Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin:

According to a September 2006 CRS, "The extension of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into the Lebanese arena created a multifaceted crisis that cut across a number of U.S. policy issues in the Middle East." As President, what is your plan for contending with the Hamas-Hezbollah-Israel triangle of conflict?

Both Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin:

While seeking the presidential nomination, Sen. Biden suggested the best way to bring Iraq to peace was via a partitioning of that nation. Today, what are your respective plans for the best ways to end the war in Iraq, how long will those plans take, how much do you expect them to cost, and why are they the best plans available?


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