Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Japan Elects Bush (No, not really)

Taro Aso has been elected leader of the liberal democratic party in Japan (the party which controls the lower house and thus appoints the PM). Does this description remind anyone else of someone?

"The party is counting on Mr. Aso, 68, to lead it out of its worst crisis in a half-century of rule, after two prime ministers stepped down in a year amid dismal approval ratings.

In a race that was his to lose, Mr. Aso (pronounced ah-so) focused on bread-and-butter economic issues, promising tax cuts aimed at increasing corporate and individual spending.

A self-proclaimed hawk who has sometimes angered Asian neighbors, Mr. Aso is widely seen here as a pragmatist who shuns a rigidly right-wing agenda. The scion of a wealthy industrialist family, he is also a fan of Japan’s manga cartoons and has regularly topped national surveys for prime minister."

UPDATE: I made the text below a working link to the article


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