Saturday, October 18, 2008

The "Pro-America" Crowd From the "Pro-America Regions of This Great Land"

These are the faces, words and actions of the 'Pro-America' crowd from the 'Pro-America' regions of this great land. If this is how people act in public, what does the underbelly of America really look like? I think my understanding of what really goes on in this country, and the opinions truly held, is woefully uninformed. I'm not certain any amount of reading will correct my ignorance.

I'm sure Pericles may post something as equally ugly as this from some individual or group on the 'left.' Honestly, I would not be surprised that they identify on a different side of a vague political spectrum. I would be surprised at how universal this nonsense is. Let us not forget that the anti-intellectual, student bashing, hippie-skull beating, 'silent majority,' Archie Bunker racists are the same union members dedicated to voting and raising money for whomever the Democratic ticket may throw up there, but also let us not equivocate.

The point of this post is not a partisan one. I really don't care if a person identifies as 'red' or 'blue.' The point of this post is one of shock surprise and disappointment at how ugly this nation, and possibly this world, and the opinions and views held therein really is. What, if anything, will begin to end this sorry state? Stoking the flames of ignorance and hatred at political rallies and members of Congress blindly and vaguely calling other members of Congress 'anti-American' is certainly not the path to enlightenment. What has worked in the past, if anything, at making large groups of people more thoughtful, careful and concerned? Whatever those things may be, they have not touched the people seen and heard in the video above.


  1. The next time someone asks me to explain why I hate damn near everyone I'm going to point them to this video. Sums it up nicely...

  2. That's the problem, eluzhun, they hate, and then so do you. The question is, how do we rise above and quell hatred, ugliness, and the rest? Not, how do we match hatred with equivalent or greater amounts of hatred and make the world uglier and less pleasant to live in.

  3. Focus the hatred creatively, hatred is a powerful tool if used properly. Hell, writing in this blog is an example.

  4. Hold the election on the same day as the Daytona 500. Problem solved.

  5. if you want people the world over to unite rather than fight you need to provide them with a universal enemy or "other" against which the can unite to fight for our species continued existence. I believe this idea is well made in Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan

  6. Whether one needs a common enemy is an interesting question – I think natural disasters can function the same way, as can threats of many kinds. One might deplore the rhetoric and yet still agree on a need for action.

    Hm. Maybe one of the differences has to do with how much one believes the “enemy” in question can change?


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