Monday, October 13, 2008

My Obama: "Sara Palin is a Cunt"

No party has a monopoly on bigoted (sexism is still bigotry, right?) loyalists. Here is a nice one from an Obama supporter, which appears (for now) on the moderated Barak Obama official web site.   


  1. This is ugly, indeed, but it is also a far cry from "off with his head." It is true that in politics, there is no monopoly on the 'moral high ground.' It is also true that frenzied mobs calling a presidential candidate a 'terrorist' and one girl with a t-shirt calling another candidate a 'cunt' are far from being the same thing. Alas, I don't really want to be the person making the argument differentiating which forms of bigotry and ugliness are better than others, so I will leave at the following: "That's shitty."

  2. Frenzied crowds? Hardly. And it's too late. You differentiated the bigotry already. By the way, "terrorist" is not a suspect class under the law. Gender is. As for your "one girl" comment, do you really want to review all the bile that has been spit from sickos as DailyMoveOnThinkProgress.joke about Governor Palin's vagina?

  3. I think it's only fair for Palins vag to speak for itself... perhaps an interview with playboy could help clear up the record

  4. This op-ed may shine some light on the barack as terrorist dialogue:

    Pericles, could you explain what you mean by this: "By the way, "terrorist" is not a suspect class under the law."

    I think that being called a terrorist in this country is much more serious than being called a cunt.


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