Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Mother Was Right: Watching Television Turns Your Brain to Mush

This clip is a composite from the past 2 or so years of various buffoons (Ben Stein, Art Laffer, et al) vs. Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital. Watching this begs for greater public accountability of the often sweeping and lightly (if at all) informed claims made on television. I hope no one actually used Fox, CNBC or any other cable station as an investing resource of significance.

Take particular note of the recommendations to buy Merril, Bear and WaMu and the bullying, sarcastic, manner with which Schiff is treated. It is unfortunate that this is the attitude towards dissent which has become permissible and commonplace. One would figure that if the others' arguments were so strikingly superior, they'd be able to state their case without laughter or derision.

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  1. I swear to god i watched this 2 days ago after seeing it on Kedorsys blog and thought about posting it. (i even got and read half of Schiff book if anyone is interested in it)


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