Monday, November 17, 2008

The Greatest Photo of All Time

Since there was a decent response to the first, "The Greatest Photo of All Time," I've decided to make a little series of it. I came across this today and couldn't resist. Technology, geekiness, super-high res, young, old, etc. The full story is here, at Gizmodo:

When NASA released this image from their Lunar Orbiter 1 back in 1966, the first photograph ever of the Earth rising above the Moon's surface, it was low resolution but they still amazed the world. This week, they have surprised every space aficionado re-releasing the same image in ultra-high definition. The cool part now is that NASA hasn't used any upscaling or magical infinite zoom-in filter from CSI. Instead, they have created a new technology that uses refurbished analog machines and a new digital process that fully extracts the information stored in the program's old magnetic tapes, something that was impossible to do in the 60s.

You can click for the super-large, high-detail photo.

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  1. Nothing but propaganda by flat-earth denialists.

    I can see water bubbles!! (if anyone gets that reference I'll give you a gold star).


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