Friday, November 14, 2008

Greatest Photo of All Time?

I think so.




  2. I have to agree with Pericles. Did you see the recent re-do of that photo, starring the (reported) original girl, now in her dotage?

  3. First, let me say that my commentary was in jest. I do think this is a fun photo, but certainly not "the greatest photo of all time."

    Second, I have seen the revisit of the photo Pericles posted. In the interview for this more recent picture, the woman told the story of how she did not know the sailor, and how he was running up and down the streets grabbing and kissing women he did not appear to know. This is how the photographer was able to set up for the action shot, as this woman appeared to be next! A totally different take on what the picture appears to present!

  4. A sailor going from port to port kisses some random chick and everyone thinks it's the greatest thing ever, an effing zebra is pulling an effing carriage and people are like "meh"...

    I just don't understand the youth of today


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