Wednesday, October 29, 2008


That's right - in a closely contested election, the Los Angeles Times is concealing a video showing Barack Obama at a going-away party for former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, attended by radical Palestinian activists and domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. 

Someone please explain away this one!  And, as you try, ask yourself this:  "Would the LA times bucket the video if it were McCain, Palin, or even Hillary?"  

I look forward to the sophistry. 


  1. I'll sophist the hell out of it...

    First, Ayers is not a palestinian or otherwise islamic terrorist, he participated in domestic bombings that targeted empty "iconographic" buildings. Not a single person was hurt during any of the Weather Underground's demonstrations. And yes, they were just that. These are not people that fly planes into buildings, these are not people that fight for religious delusion. They are activists that put on public spectacles.

    Aside from Ayers, I've never heard of the other guy, we don't even know if the video is real and definitely don't know if it depicts what they are saying it does. This is a little premature to get worked up over.

  2. Truly ridiculous. First of all the evidence of the connection between Khalidi and the PLO is debatable. Secondly a video of Obama attending a dinner at his house with "radical" Palestinian activists (truly, the word radical here is used for inflammatory purposes only) does not make Obama a Palestinian activist. I mean, his kids went to the lab school with Khalidi and can one not have friends whose political views differ from his or her own? I personally think a bit more of a Palestinian perspective in the white house could be very beneficial...

  3. I met Khalidi (at Ayers's house, in fact) when he was on the faculty at the U of C. We spoke only briefly, but he seemed to me a sort of mild-mannered, nice guy. He was very well regarded, and has come out pretty well in a recent conflict involving a tenure decision at Columbia in which everyone got very heated and a lot of angry stances were displayed. Khalidi's Jewish students stood up for his basic fairness. Certainly at U of C and Columbia he appears to be a popular professor --his wife Mona was a big favorite of the lab School kids when my daughter was there --I think she was the librarian.

    Now, what does the adjective "incriminating" mean? Have I, by being at a gathering where Khalidi was also present, committed a "crime?" If so, what's the crime, and if not, what's incriminating about Obama knowing Khalidi? Or, for that matter, having him baby-sit Obama's kids?

    For those who are interested, here are 2 short reviews of Khalidi's latest book "The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood." One is on a Palestinian, and the other on a Zionist, website. If you are at all interested in the truth, I urge you to glance at these. I found the book hugely informative and not at all "terroristic." Like any careful, fair-minded observer, Khalidi finds much to criticise on both the Israeli and the palestinian sides. And the British, for that matter.

    [Sorry, I don't know how to turn these things blue so you can just click on them & get to the info.]

    I assume Pericles, by his use of the term "incriminating," signals his intention not to be discriminating or careful about the substance of these matters.

    But I maintain that to be in the presence of someone who holds a view one considers objectionable does not constitute endorsement of that view.

    And I assume that it is correct that Obama offered some kind remarks on the impending departure of the Khalidis for Columbia --why should he not, if he knew and liked the guy? Is Khalidi's ethnicity, and the fact that he sympathizes with the Palestinians (who could not?) enough to condemn him as a terrorist? What, exactly, is the charge against Khalidi?

    But the pre-emptive use of the word "sophistry" suggests that (1) Pericles has already made up his mind, and will not look at the reviews; and (2) I am wasting my time.

    But, did you know that John McCain is a member of the Congress? And, take it from Rep. Michelle Bachman, there are people there who are anti-American! Just who are these associates of McCain, anyway, and why won't he tell the truth about them?

    So, let's all chant: "Hockey mom!" "Highter taxes for someone making $42,000!" "I said thanks but no thanks!" and so forth. In short, let's stop pretending to be interested in issues and ideas, and let's spout slogans.

    I had resolved to stop contributing my observations to this site. Sorry; I couldn't help it this one last time.

  4. Wait, what closely contested election?

  5. Pericles, do you have a response to Tony's charges, questions and comments in a way that does not debase this site with the partisan rancor you have decried so much in the past?

  6. Tony 1 - Pericles 0
    You can't stop posting Tony; what you need to do is create a post claiming your dissatisfaction with the blog leave the blog and then come back reincarnated with a new name... It's the only acceptable option.

    And I promise to keep a running tab from now on in the tony/forthcoming blogging identity vs. Pericles (the blogger formerly known as Cato)

  7. Roga,

    Although funny, and clearly in jest, these comments are not helpful to forming a well attended forum.



  8. If humor and jest do not suit this forum then perhaps I shall follow Tony's lead and make like-a-tree. And to be perfectly honest I am very bored of your diminutive and lectureous (i know it isn't a real word but it makes my point very well) attitude towards me in this here forum. My comments are helpful so go fuck yourself (and i mean that in the nicest way possible :-)

  9. From TPM:

    Debunking The Smear

    One could say many things about the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) --a great source of news about news in general and topics of concern to Jews worldwide -- but saying it is a hot bed of anti-semites or crazed Muslim terrorists is simply not one of them. Here, from their election blog, is a very helpful debunking of the smears and lies the McCain campaign has been spreading about Rashid Khalidi and the PLO.

    --Josh Marshall


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