Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Defense of the "S" word

I'll take swords for four hundred!

"So... Maybe Americans are getting... less stupid. Because for one thing, they're not buying the "Barack is a Socialist" garbage. And for another, they seem to recognise Socialism when they see it (See: $700 billion bailout for the financial system and using taxpayer money to do it)... and they seem, by all known polling systems, to think it would be a REALLY good idea to start doing some MORE of it -- where it counts: say, healthcare, education, green infrastructure..."


  1. The thing I've been thinking about with these silly claims is the following: If McCain and his surrogates are truthful in their assertion that Obama is a 'socialist,' 'marxist,' 'communist,' or 'stalinist' and Obama wins (in particular, wins decisively); has the country then knowingly voted for and supported socialism, marxism, communism or stalinism?

    If so, is it then reasonable to conclude that these are the family or class of political philosophies the nation desires implemented most?

  2. Sounds like it to me, and I'm still not seeing the problem.


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