Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cubs Lose, Sox Win

What were the odds the Sox, who were predicted to finish fourth in their division, would have a 2008 season that lasted longer than the Cubs, who were predicted to win their division and, in fact, ended the regular season with the best record in baseball?  The Cubs choked harder than any other moment in their 100 year World Series drought, and that's saying something.  (I would describe my amusement, but I have neither the vocabulary nor the malice, well, maybe the malice.) Suffice it to say to the Cubs, "Happy anniversary." Anyway, here's to the Chicago baseball team that did not throw a rally simply because it won its division. Rather, the last time the Sox threw a rally it involved ticker tape and a World Series trophy.  Go Sox!

Sox 5, Rays 3.  Rays lead ALDS 2-1.  Jenks closes the 9th with a called third strike. 


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