Saturday, October 11, 2008


The NYT reports:
Mr. Cantrell readily acknowledges concocting the crime. But what has drawn little scrutiny are his activities leading up to it. Thanks to important allies in Congress, he extracted nearly $350 million for projects the Pentagon did not want, wasting taxpayer money on what would become dead-end ventures.

...Mr. Cantrell’s division was a small part of the national missile defense program, an effort that has cost the United States more than $110 billion since President Ronald Reagan unveiled his Star Wars plan 25 years ago. Today, the missile defense effort is the Pentagon’s single biggest procurement program.
If, these are the schemes that have been uncovered so far, what type of filth and bile remains? These are the people and the system we are trusting to spend at least $1 trillion or so wisely in saving the economy. My confidence is not high.


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