Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let Them Go!

(originally written 4/9/09)

Texas Governor Rick Perry, supporting a "tea party" event this week, suggested that states may want to secede from the Union, because the federal government is "thumbing its nose" at the American people."

No specifics as to the nose-thumbing. Lots of possible examples come to mind, but they belong to the period beginning in December, 2000 and recently concluded with the thanks of a grateful nation to the departed President Bush.

So Perry couldn't have been talking about any of that; no he and others similarly afflicted managed to contain their outrage until recently.

But let's all be reasonable, and let them do their jobs. If they continue to hold tea parties and in general to work themselves up, we may get lucky. Imagine a USA without the southern tier of states. Why, we wouldn't have ... uh, the southern tier of states.

Thanks for nothing, Abe Lincoln.

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  1. Usual Liberal excuse to bring up Bush. Bush was a terrible President and whenever a Democrat responds to any criticism they have to mention that Bush was worse. I guess what you are saying is that since Bush did all he could to wreck this nation, Obama should be allowed to as well?


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