Thursday, January 29, 2009

If God is a Megalomaniac then we have Obama to defeat Him

... God: 97,227,884,743,788,327,474,874,840,098,201,919,398,348,747

... Humans: 164 + 1 (Obama's election)

"Imagine a country ruled by an all-powerful king who has ordered that everyone spends 8 hours a day singing his praises. What words do we use for someone like that? Megalomaniac? A good ruler is one who creates a stable, peaceful and progressive situation within which everyone can be themselves and develop into the best they could be. Yet we have this vision put before us of Jesus ruling a new Earth within which everyone spends 24 hours a day for ever in “eternal ecstatic praise” to him.

So we are to have a new perfect body, we will be brain-washed so that all unapproved thoughts and questions are removed from our brains, and we’ll all think and believe the same and sing God’s praises in perfect harmony. If the choice is between ceasing to exist and being transformed into a singing cyberman, there really isn’t much in it. One would cease to exist as an individual with a human identity in either case.

If God wanted the earth filled with worshipping, obedient, unquestioning, sinless beings, he’d have populated it with angels. What on earth would be the point of creating free-thinking, creative human beings and then mutating selected ones into clones of angels?

Such a vision could only be put forward by people who are control freaks, or who have their “heads in the clouds,” or by ministers who think that the highlight of everyone’s lives is their Sunday services."

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