Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Here is a video of two people buried to their waists, wrapped in white, and stoned to death.  Let's see if Jumco can contort his relativism around this one.  Perhaps he will equate this with Proposition 8.  And I mean "equate."  

Please watch before you comment from your armchair.


  1. Clearly Pericles is not aware of what happened to Matthew Shepard at the hands of Christians and wants to play a strange game of 'race to the bottom' with his own form of 'relativism.' Citing a plethora of contemporary material to pick from, I am prepared to engage in this race, not to defend Islam, but to show that all religion is ridiculous and picking on one while sparing the others does little good.

    Maybe Pericles is unaware that organizations like the KKK, the Aryan Nations, Christian Patriots and the like hide beneath the bible as religious organizations.

    Or, maybe he will exclude these examples as utilizing religion for their own means, not representing it. So, since he is expanding to 50 years, maybe he is forgetting the bloody wars fought amongst Protestants and Catholics in Ireland; or, the Guardians of Cedars in Lebanon; or, the Paris Theater Attack of 1988; or, the Concerned Christians of 1999 who planned to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem; or the string of murders and acts of terror at multiple health clinics across the US throughout the 90s and 2000s; maybe the "Lord's Resistance Army" in Uganda has slipped his mind; or, alas, maybe he doesn't know the stories of Mark David Uhl Clifford Peeples, or Eric Rudolph. More, of course, may be found here and elsewhere.

    These, of course are just a few examples of extremism, death, destruction and general planned and/or executed insanity brought to our world by the proud members of the Christian faith. Unfortunately, I have not included some of the more heinous acts conducted in the name of Hinduism or the world's other heavily 'accepted' faiths. I assure you, they exist.

    Let us not have this 'battle of relativism' Pericles, as your distaste for Islam is already known, but no more rational or defensible than the distaste any other member of any other faith feels for some other group. Don't pretend that your position against Islam and Islam alone is defensible, or that my defensible position equivocating faiths as inherently irrational groups prone to violence is naive or ill-informed.

  2. Again, I apologize for responding under sestabrook's handle. The above post was in fact jumco.

  3. I'm not completely sure what the video has to do with relativism as Jumco's made no secret of is feelings of organized religion.. er religion and it seems Pericles' disdain of this reprehensible act fails to provides little definition of any commonality with relativists statement such as "You can't judge other cultures by the standards of your own" for example.


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