Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wandel Jugend


  1. Frankly, I find this sort of thing objectionable. Cute little kids may belong, briefly, on the stage at the Republican or Democratic convention, in connection with celebrating the nomination of their parents. But they should not become chess-pieces in a political campaign. No one seriously thinks that these 6-year-olds have political opinions that should be heard, or that they are competent to make the judgments that political choices require.

    Sorry, Wandel Jugend, whoever you are, this is unacceptable. Make your own arguments. Sing your own damn songs.

    And I won't dignify with a comment the rhyming of "freedom" with "lead 'em."

  2. "Wandel Jugend" is Deutsch for "Change Youth." They need armbands, though, if they want to be real pros.

  3. Makes me miss Venice.

    That was undeniably wrong.

    There is nothing more tragic in politics than using emotion appeals to obscure the core policy disputes. Oh wait …


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