Friday, December 5, 2008

So Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

(c) Illustration by Peter Schrank

Hoping to get my mind out of the gutter I turned to a respected and proper (read: British) publication as a source of blogging inspiration. Nature took its course, however, and led me to the following article. I will not quote much of it - it is short and should be read by all. Especially those gentlemen temporarily suffering from low self-esteem. One line, boys, which should raise your moods.

"Brainy men, it seems, do have better sperm." (c)
1. I would like to see a similar study done on women. What would be the reproductive attraction parameter? Somehow the phrase "i am smart and have killer eggs" just does not seem that sexy.

2. If smart men are more likely to reproduce, as they seem to have higher sperm counts etc., and are likely to pass on their smarts to offspring (or no?), why are there so many stupid people in the world? Those smart people must be making "better choices about how to conduct their lives", and thus choosing not to breed.


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