Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sexy Santa?

The advert has been created by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which says women and girls should ensure they have the morning-after pill in their medicine cabinet, in the same way as they would have headache pills or hangover remedies.

But critics claim the service's scheme to hand out emergency contraception 'gift kits' will fuel promiscuity and the spread of sexually-transmitted infections.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to hump a cute Santa, especially if he happens to be in your living room and not at the mall. I think there is almost nothing wrong with safe single promiscuity. Using the morning-after pill as emergency contraception is neither immoral nor murder. It is also quite reasonable to keep a one or two occasion supply in the cabinet -"just in case". It is generous and rational of the BPAS to give the pill away for free, especially since many stores will be closed over the holidays. I do not think the ad is too crude (though not teeeeerribly witty), and there is no chance it will find its way to Cartoon Network, or whatever the kids who do not know where babies come from watch these days.

But it does seem to me that promoting Plan B and the likes as the method of contraception is at least irresponsible. The stress has always been placed on the emergency element of the morning-after pill, on the time sensitivity of its administration. It has become OTC partly because it needs to be administered within a very limited window, and not when the doctor has the next opening in his schedule. I am somewhat perplexed by the campain by the BPAS, which seems to be a Planned Parenthood-like UK organization, to position emergency contraceptives in this non-emergency light, and give food for protest to the "life-at-conception" crews.

NB: I did not read but one comment to the article, which states that condoms are also included in the gift pack.


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