Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not your ordinary sandwich.

To "flip off Market meltdown", Boston-based Persephone's put a $100 sandwich on its lunch menu (does not seem to appear at dinner time).

The "millionaire’s sandwich" is comprised of jamon iberico de bellota, sherried onions, manchego & membrillo mustard and comes with arugula, green olive & marcona almond salad. I tried to find pictures, but failed.

To flip off Persephone's millionaire's sandwich I now go stand in line at the Shake Shack for a couple of hours and enjoy a $10 dollar burger.

UPDATE: jumco found an image of the sandwich and added it, hoping katya does not mind
UPD2: thanks. katya doesn't mind :)

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  1. Let me make sure I have this straight, this sandwich is a symbolic message to the world? It says, "I'm a Wall Street banker, I can lose 90% of my wealth and still have more money than I could ever spend."


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